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Fall - A Poem



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It’s in the air long before the calendar catches up with Mother Nature. 

We light campfires because we actually need the warmth they provide.


Before you know it, we’re opening windows at night, 

And a chill hits me in the face when I let the dogs out first thing in the morning.


I get a hankering to make soups of all kinds;

Vegetable, potato, chili of the beef and chicken varieties.


I hear this song every time I sit under Friday night lights, Chilli will shine tonight, Chilli will shine; Chilli of a different type - a nickname for my hometown variety.


There’s football on Sunday afternoons, and baseball playoff games all of October.

Detroit fans learn once again how to be long-suffering.


Around here, it’s always at least a week of birthday celebrations, 

As I say hello to another year.


Pumpkin anything. Apple crisp, old-fashioned donuts, and apple cider too.

Everything’s coming up fall, whether the calendar realizes it or not.


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