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When I was a little girl, there was a TV show called Thirty-Something. I remember wondering why anyone would want to watch a show about old people? Let me assure you, one of the things I love to do is laugh at myself. Most of the time. Well, today I turn 43, and I've decided to share with you 43 things I love. No matter the number, I'm always happy about my birthday - because celebration! 

  1. The smell of freshly mowed grass.
  2. How I wish someone would make a candle that smelled just like fresh roses.
  3. In the fall, sipping hot apple cider while an apple crisp finishes up in the oven.
  4. Sitting at a baseball game, barely talking to anyone at all.
  5. Walking around downtown St. Louis when the Cardinals have a home game.
  6. March Madness.
  7. Old cathedrals.
  8. Country churches.
  9. Communion with the saints.
  10. A baptism.
  11. The big hill of trees we drove past on my way home as a child. They're no longer there.
  12. The tree that stands alone on 15th Street near our home today. I showed the photo to an artist friend of mine recently, and she told me she adored trees that stood alone like that. I felt enlightened to have noticed this one.
  13. A country road full of wonderful neighbors. It's a complete community package!
  14. The lakeshore any time of the year, but especially in the summer.
  15. Pentwater in October.
  16. My. Mom.
  17. My husband, the engineer.
  18. The funny, sweet, intelligent, beautiful little girl I call Daughter.
  19. My girlfriends across the country - blessed.
  20. Times with my cousins.
  21. Having two brothers who are different as night and day, but both completely lovable. 
  22. My daughter with my mom, and all their inside jokes.
  23. My daughter with her other grandma, and the creating they do together.
  24. My daughter's grandpa, and all the years he spent playing Barbies with her.
  25. Little voices singing worship songs.
  26. Altos singing harmony.
  27. The play "Our Town."
  28. Seeing a musical; anytime, anywhere.
  29. Camping. I'm looking forward to our inaugural trip in our new camper next summer.
  30. Friends who play cards.
  31. A killer Spades hand.
  32. Traveling, on the road or in the air.
  33. Writing.
  34. Small town roots.
  35. Every song by Johnny Cash.
  36. So many other country songs.
  37. Backyard birds, of which the Orioles stand out as my favorite in the summer, and the Cardinal red in the winter.
  38. My backyard view.
  39. Thin crust pizza, but not too thin. 
  40. Slices of fresh tomatoes, lightly salted.
  41. Thin asparagus grilled to perfection.
  42. Biting into a banana that's the ideal ripeness.
  43. All. The. Books.


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