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Her View From Home: I Don't Need You To Fix This



When we moved into our new home four years ago, the meal coordinator at my moms group asked if we wanted a few meals the weekend of the move, as we transitioned. We’d never needed meals before that, but I’d made a few for others. I decided to say yes. Amidst the towers of boxes and an unstacked refrigerator, we sat down to eat a cheesy pasta dish. Pasta never tasted so good.

I don’t need you to fix this, I just need you to care.


Other than praying for her by name when we received a health update on the church prayer chain, I didn’t know the woman. Still, as a leader in our church, I felt led to go visit her in the hospital. Hospitals are scary and smell funny. We only visited for about ten minutes, but her eyes lit up bright the whole time. I’ll never forget the yellowing color of her skin, weeks before she had a successful liver transplant. We celebrate her recovery every time we visit at church, and I remember the time I stopped by her hospital room.

I don’t need you to fix this, I just need you to care.


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