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Her View From Home: To the Mama Whose Kid Just Ran Screaming Down the Aisle at Church



To the mama whose kid just ran screaming down the aisle at church,


Whether he ended up on stage, or is now running the halls outside the sanctuary, you’ll retrieve him. Hopefully, he’ll learn three things. Mama will always keep you safe. Running away from mama is a bad idea. The church will love on you even when you take off running.


Look, I know it’s hard to get the kids ready on Sunday mornings, and honestly, you spend more time keeping your kids quiet and somewhat calm than you do actually worshiping with the music and listening to the sermon. This coming from a mama whose daughter threw a semi-fit one Sunday morning, throwing her Bible on the floor! God’s Holy Word, did I grab her by the elbow and usher her into the hallway to have a talk. It’s not exactly a holy moment when you’re yelling at your daughter about how precious the Bible is, and we should never, ever throw it on the ground. It was a righteous anger moment for certain.


I assure you, most of your church family is happy to see you on Sunday mornings. To keep reading, visit me over at Her View From Home.

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