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She sat across from me at the table, casually discussing holiday plans. Family get togethers, last minute shopping, planning a menu. All of the typical things we women do to make sure our families have meaningful traditions and, ultimately, memories. Then, she said,

I wish there was a way to help me focus more on Jesus during this time. I want my holidays to be more about him.


My response came instinctively, which shows how far I’ve come. You see, five years ago I wouldn’t have known what to tell her. Likely, I would have listened politely, and nodded my head in agreement. Here’s how I responded,

There are ways to better focus on him during the holidays! Times of preparation that lead up to the actual holidays, which often last more than one day too. It’s all in the church calendar.


I didn’t say any more than that, but I hoped it peaked her interest. You don’t have to be Catholic, or any denomination that practices high liturgy to practice these seasons of preparation


I am delighted to offer a few words about Advent and the church calendar in general over at my friend Gloryanna Boge's page. Doesn't she have the best name? I hope you'll continue reading my article here.

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