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This article originally appeared at Her View From Home.


My soul was weary from fighting battles only God can win, and trusting in His timing even though it seemed a bit s-l-o-w. I found myself thinking of ways to cheer myself up that might make me feel better for a short time, but in the long run they weren’t what I really needed. What I needed was intentional opportunities for my soul to find rest, and my mind to focus on something other than the battlefield. Here’s a list of things that provide nourishing soul care.

Prepare a cup of hot tea. Add local honey.


Let the sun hit your face.


Stare up at the stars.


Sit outside and take in the colors of the season. 


Savor a half glass of wine while biting into a piece of crusty bread.


Listen to children at play.


Watch your dog roll in the grass.


Make a list of books you’d like to read.


Call a friend.


Meet up with a mentor for coffee.


Take a walk.


Hold your Bible. If necessary, open it to read.


Do some coloring.


Pray. Use words only if you must.


Write. Not for an audience, but as an outlet.


Cook one of your favorite meals.


Look through old photos.


Play an instrument.


Put on some favorite, familiar music.


Find a blank canvas of any type and paint.


Scroll through Instagram, while avoiding Twitter and Facebook.


Sit in front of a fire.


Rock on a porch swing.


Visit your neighbor.


Book White bkd


Take a hot shower or bath.


Go for a ride to nowhere specific.


If in season, hit up your local farmer’s market.


Read a children’s book.


Buy a book of poetry.


Sit beside a body of water.


Find something simple for your hands to do: jigsaw puzzle, crocheting, knitting.


Watch a happy movie.


Light a candle or diffuse essential oils.


Bake something sweet.


Snuggle as a family while watching TV.


Make your bed.


Visit your local library.


Go to a park.


Eat a meal served in your fanciest dishes.


Make homemade lemonade.


Enjoy a cup of fine coffee.


Flip through your favorite magazine.


Do some bird watching.


Think of someone you can help.


Write a handwritten note.


Sit for a spell in an empty church.


Read a hymn book.


Look at your favorite cookbooks and plan a meal or two.


Get in touch with a beloved family member.


Hold a baby.



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