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The View Out My Window - A Poem


The View Out My Window


I’m thankful for the view out my window.


Sunrises beyond the trees framing the pond,

So bright and bold in the fall.

A backdrop of pinks and oranges highlighting red, yellow & orange leaves.


The birds are slow to the feeder this time of year,

perhaps so cold, they opt to stay put in the woods,

a divine diet plan of sorts.


We never know what wildlife will make its way into view;

turkey, deer or the occasional fox,

the latter alerting us to shut the door of the chicken coop.


I’m grateful too for the warmth in here,

protection whether it rains or the wind blows, 

even from the white fluffy stuff sure to mask nature’s green soon enough.


Inside, the fire glows, 

the weather man forecasts sunshine will penetrate my window today.

When I slow down enough to look through the glass,


I’m thankful for the view out my window.



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