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It's a new year. Something about beginnings renews our hope. As I think about the messages I want to give you in the coming year, it occurred to me I want this to be a God year for you. There will be highs and lows, victories and challenges, but if we get more of God, this year will be worth every single minute. So, for this year, readers, I pray:

That you would live life honestly and fully,

for that's where abundant living is found.


That you would find yourself in a church that loves you with the lavish love of Christ,

and that you would love that family back in exactly the same way.


That you would explore new-to-you spiritual disciplines,

to increase your understanding of how high and wide and deep the Father's love is for you.


That you would read God's holy word, and it wouldn't read like some boring old book,

but like the greatest love story ever told.


That you would dream God-sized dreams,

realizing these dreams he's placed in your heart are part of "thy kingdom come."


That you'd have opportunity to show grace to people,

and you'd embrace said opportunities again and again.


That you might reconcile with estranged loved ones,

for family is precious and lifelong friends are hard to come by.


That your family would prosper in Christ,

awakened to a fresh realization that he's the only one who truly satisfies.


That you would eat many fine meals and travel to remarkable places,

marveling at the pleasure we can find in what this world offers.


That God would show you better ways to be a steward of this earth,

realizing this place and its resources are a gift. 


That your heart would be touched,

every time you receive the bread and wine at the Communion table.


That you find the time and energy to create,

for we were made to make things of beauty.


That your job would provide for your family,

but not get in the way of doing life together.


That you would find traces of God in your life every day,

for the One we serve promised he would always be with us.



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