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Her View From Home: To My Daughter's Best Friend, You Are Important



To my daughter’s best friend,

On my daughter’s first day of kindergarten, she walked into a classroom where she didn’t know a single person. We’d only lived in the area for a few months. Of course, to an outgoing five-year old like herself, this wasn’t a big deal. She walked into the place like she owned it.


In no time at all, she met you. Stories vary on exactly how that happened, but I started hearing your name more often at home. The summer before she started school, I’d prayed two things. First, that this new place would become community to our family. Second, that my daughter would have close friends who lived nearby, because our school district is vast and I didn’t want to drive all over the countryside for play dates and such.


You were prayed for. You are God’s answer to my prayer for my our daughter. We hear tons of stories that include your name, and I’m thankful for you...


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