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For the last several years, I've taken a journey. God has left me in one faith tradition, but shown me the beauty of inviting believers from other Christian faith traditions to influence me.

I've received ashes on my forehead with the Catholics.

I've prayed with the Orthodox.

I've participated in a Passover Seder.

I've drank real wine for Communion with the Lutherans.

I've had homemade bread for Communion with the Methodists.


And I've heard from many of you. We all have a church story. When you subscribe to Traces of Faith, you'll hear about these church experiences, and all the ways we find traces of our Christian faith in our everyday lives. We're doing it together! The blog's resource library is always growing!


I'm also excited to reveal the title and cover of my first book! It's a Christian Living book about exploring church traditions and releases Spring 2020. You can pre-order by clicking on the link below.


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Now back to it! Email subscribers get a copy of my e-book, Church Stories: A Collection, stories from other readers who recall their early days in Vacation Bible School, Sunday School. There are stories about hymns, and family Bibles, and meaningful times at church. You'll hear from all sorts of faith traditions. It's a celebration of this gift we call church.


You'll also get a copy of the 2018 Church & Jewish Calendar dates. They're helpful in our pursuit of trying one new spiritual practice in 2018. You can read more about that here. 


Join our community of church storytellers and after confirming your subscription by email, you'll immediately receive an email with both the e-book and the calendar. Thank you for your support of Traces of Faith!




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