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The Ministry of Butting In

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At the risk of offending you, I'm making you a promise today.

We live in a world so easily offendable, short on grace and intent glances to the heart.


If I don't see you sitting in your pew for several Sunday mornings in a row, 

I'm calling to ask where you've been.

I've decided it's better to appear nosy

Than for you to leave altogether and say no one ever asked where you went.


After hearing the rumors you're visiting other churches,

I'll be in touch to hear the story directly from you.

We might not be the best of friends,

But your family is church family to me.


When you tell me you've left for a different youth group or a different style of music,

It'll be me again, sending you this message loud and clear;

Letting you know without hesitation,

You're missed, and I'll always be your Christian sister.


And maybe the reason you leave our church is more personal, painful.

Maybe you're hurting and things didn't go as you had hoped.

More than any other time, I'm going to chase you down,

Telling you over and over again, God loves you, even when the church disappoints.


We'll call it the ministry of butting in,

Having hard conversations at the risk of being misunderstood.

One church, investing in one another,

Whether it offends you... or not.


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