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There's always a big variety of books in my review roundups, but this one feels particularly varied. Surely you'll find one (or two) that's just right.  



Chloe Flavor by Chloe Coscarelli  51eKp0NVEyL._AC_US218_

You might have to go to a health food store for a few of the ingredients in this Vegan cookbook, but once you've done that, the recipes are simple and look delicious. I especially appreciated that they were real dishes I've craved in our various attempts to eat healthier. While we don't eat exclusively Vegan, this book had a lot of healthy options I would try.



In Search of Ancient Roots by Kenneth Stewart  61mT+nAxsML._AC_US218_

The premise of this book is what grabbed me. I am an Evangelical who received virtually no teaching about ancient Christian traditions or church history as a child. It was as if "poof" the Reformation happened and our church traditions began. I didn't expect it to be so exhaustive in its explanation that evangelicals and reformers were there within the church walls all along. It makes a strong argument for teaching church history in our churches, all of them.



Martin Luther & The Seven Sacraments by Brian Brewer  41c6XEw7NjL._AC_US218_

This book could have been named "What A Bunch of Protestant Leaders Thought About The Seven Sacraments." It focuses on Martin Luther, but goes into great detail about what other pastoral leaders in the 16th century and even before that were doing to reform the church. The author did an exceptional job of showing how thoroughly Luther studies the seven sacraments in his lifetime. For example, Luther never seemed to reach a conclusion about what might have easily become a third Protestant sacrament, penance. Another excellent book on church history, and how our path to modern-day Christianity wasn't a smooth or flawless one.


In The Middle Of The Mess by Sheila Walsh  51zhfn8ISDL._AC_US218_

So often, we can think the Christian speakers and leaders who serve us have perfect lives. They are holier somehow. Sheila Walsh pulls back the veil on her personal life to share about her ongoing battle with depression and unworthiness. It's honest and brave, giving God all the glory for helping her realize her great need for Jesus and good friends. This book will be a real encouragement for an individual who struggles with mental struggles.


Barefoot Revolution: Biblical Spirituality for Finding God by Paul Marshall  51T9kUtghjL._AC_US218_

Barefoot like Moses, fully aware this faith we're practicing puts us on holy ground. This book is a call to take our faith deeper, through prayer, giving, studying. I especially appreciated the emphasis on individual spiritual discipline, in order to develop what the church needs from you. 


936 Pennies: Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting by Eryn Lynum  41NRkWkWd3L._AC_US218_

When Eryn Lynum was given a jar full of 936 pennies at her son's baby dedication, one penny for each week until the child reached 18, she saw it as an opportunity. The format of this book is just right. For mamas in the thick of it, these individual essays explore slowing down enough to notice the little moments that make up the 936 weeks we have with our little ones.



You Were There Before My Eyes by Maria Riva  41rkePBLDHL._AC_US218_

If I live to be 92, and also write a novel of this caliber, I'd think they should throw a parade in my honor. This book takes you to America from Italy through the eyes of a village maiden who marries in an attempt to go on an adventure. We follow her onto the boat, where she meets other immigrant women. I especially appreciated the look at Detroit in the first half of the twentieth century, as I lived there myself for a few years. Readers experience the excitement of a new family experiencing a foreign culture in rapidly changing times. This novel is rich in detail.


Steal Away Home by Billy Coffey  51zV9pJkxYL._AC_US218_

I'm a big Billy Coffey fan. His fiction books grab you at the beginning, and the characters become your friends. When I first learned of this one about a seasoned baseball player who was getting his one chance in the bigs, I couldn't get a copy fast enough. There's romance, family dynamics, baseball memories and all in all, several great storylines in this book. I couldn't have liked it more. 


 I received a copy of "In Search of Ancient Roots," "You Were There Before My Eyes," "Martin Luther & The Seven Sacraments," "In The Middle Of The Mess," and "Steal Away Home" from NetGalley for the purpose of generating a review. I received a copy of "Chloe Flavor" from Blogging for Books for the purpose of generating a review. I received a copy of "Barefoot Revolution" from the publisher, Paraclete Press, for the purpose of generating a review. I received a copy of "936 Pennies" from the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own. 


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