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Christian Care Ministry - What Peter Learned About Perseverance


God has been teaching me (Traci) the importance of faithfulness these past few months. Looking back over our lives, our enemy likes to point out those areas where we’ve failed our Lord. God, however, looks at our hearts, and how we persevere. The life of Peter shows this clearly. Consider with me what Peter might have thought as he looked back on his days with Jesus. Then, what he discovered about God’s own faithfulness through the gifting of the Holy Spirit. Following is a fictional account of what Peter might say about his faith journey in the days following the Crucifixion, leading up to Pentecost:


“I’ve been living with a great deal of regret. The night of Jesus’ betrayal, while reclining at the dinner table, he took off his outer robe, placed a towel around his waist, and washed our feet one by one. When I balked at the very idea of Jesus bending down to place my feet in that basin, then drying them with a towel, he replied,

If I don’t wash you, you have no part with Me.’ (John 13:8b) Also, those prophetic words: ‘What I’m doing you don’t understand now, but afterward you will know.’ (John 13:7)


Then, during his ensuing arrest and crucifixion… The role I played, or rather, the one I chose not to play, for I denied him three times as he said I would… This brings me a tremendous amount of shame...."


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