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A Catholic and A Protestant Talk Church At The Local Pool

Let's Talk Church.


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Welcome! I have two books out now, so let's start there. Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost, released in May 2020. It shares my church journey, and how I developed a heart for the unity of believers. Click on the links below the cover to read a few excerpts from the book...




Introduction - Church, Let's Be Friends


Chapter 2 - Storm Tossed


My second book, Shaky Ground: What to Do After the Bottom Drops Out, released summer 2022. It continues my church journey, and I share about the spiritual practices I have learned from other Church traditions, and from Christians across time, which help us remain solidly focused on our Rock, Jesus Christ. Click on the link below the cover to read an excerpt from this book...


Shaky Ground-RGB-01


Chapter 21 - Going Wider




When it comes to church...

Do you long to build bridges, rather than burn them?

Are you hungering for more of Jesus than one local church offers?

Have you found fellowship among believers in a variety of churches?

Our community explores these ideas together. We love the greater Church, and long for its unity.


Join us via email here.




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