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Nothing beats sitting on a porch, legs propped up, feeling the sunshine, and reading a book. Or poolside maybe with a cold drink in hand? Here are my review reads, and as always, there's something for everyone.



Those Who Wait: Finding God In Disappointment, Doubt, and Delay by Tanya Marlow  51c8JsUzvmL._AC_US218_

There are a handful of ways you could read this book. On your own as historical fiction. With a support group dealing with grief or addiction. In a Bible Study group. For Advent in a small group or as a devotional. I loved Tanya's imagination as she considered the lives of Sarah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, and Mary. The hard-fought lessons are there as well.


He Is Enough: Living In The Fullness Of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu  51JEtifHgtL-1._AC_US218_

Our Bible study group read Asheritah's Unwrapping the Names of Jesus during Advent last year. She's very knowledgeable about the Bible and its surrounding cultural geographical context. In this study, she explores Colossians, a book I've wanted to explore more for some time now. This one is a traditional homework book study from Moody Publishing. We've appreciated other studies they've published. This will likely be our spring 2019 study. 


Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving The Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans  51oRoGmI-RL._AC_US218_

Wow. First, I commend Rachel for the amount of research and heart she put into this book. This woman has such passion for the truth. I'll be thinking about and referencing this book for some time. It poses the possibility that we might consider looking at the Bible as Truth from God, but not literal truth in each and every story. For example, maybe Jonah being swallowed by a big fish isn't a true story, but one told to offer moral lessons.  Evangelicals, she's sensitive to many viewpoints in this book, and I respect that very much.



Birthing Hope: Giving Fear to the Light by Rachel Marie Stone  51zsGdEGehL._AC_US218_

Sometimes a writer puts words together so eloquently, you feel like you're reading a painting. Rachel is one such artist. This one is a bit hard for me to describe. It's a bit memoir, a bit of theology, at bit of Bible teaching. I want to read it again already.


Finding Jesus in Israel: Through the Holy Land on the Road Less Traveled by Buck Storm  51lULuLiJEL._AC_US218_

If I ever talk my husband into visiting Israel, this is the way I want to do it. Off the beaten path, and connecting with the tour guide's friends. Until then, this book will suffice. A gifted writer, with a pastoral heart, so don't miss the lessons he works into the stories. I really liked this one!


Made Like Martha: Good News For The Woman Who Gets Things Done by Katie M. Reid  51DS3VL1EFL._AC_US218_

I'm so glad Katie wrote this book in support of Martha. She was made to get things done, and it doesn't mean she was made wrong. This book considers that maybe it wasn't the actions Martha was chided for, but the heart behind her activity. This book includes a 5-session Bible study. This book comes out July 10.


Just Open The Door: How One Invitation Can Change A Generation by Jen Schmidt  51zvcqnXvsL._AC_US218_

This book considers every single excuse we might have for not opening our home to other people, and blasts them out of the water. She talks about fails, spontaneous invitations, full-fledged parties. My favorite part, she gives very convincing reasons why, as Christians, we aren't supposed to consider showing hospitality, we're called to do it.


Horses Speak of God: How Horses Can Teach Us To Listen And Be Transformed by Laurie M. Brock 51LXB+KDhSL._AC_US218_

If you're a horse lover, this book is just right for you. I'd recommend it for anyone who learns lessons about God and prayer from being in the outdoors, it's also a delightful read. Balance, humility, trust, etc. These chapters are just right for one a day before bedtime, which is how I read it.



Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton  61zLmTEP5gL._AC_US218_

Many of you read her first book, The Hideaway, which was a great southern fiction read. This book delivered a dose of southern country living, mixed in with some intense family dynamics. Another good read from this author. Also, I don't know who does her covers, but each one has made me swoon.


The Edge Of Over There by Shawn Smucker (YA Fiction)  61kBc2F9tGL._AC_US218_

Samuel and his best friend, Abra, first appear on the literary scene in The Day The Angels Fell. Here's a snip of what I had to say about the first one, "my absolute favorite part was the ending of each chapter, because it would be some big suspenseful sentence and I'd realize I had to read just. one. more." This book comes out July 3.




 I received a copy of "He Is Enough," "Finding Jesus In Israel," "Hurricane Season," and "Just Open The Door" from NetGalley for the purpose of generating a review. I received a copy of "Horses Speak of God" from the publisher, Paraclete Press, for the purpose of generating a review. I received a copy of "Those Who Wait" from the author in exchange for an honest review. I received a copy of "Inspired," "Made Like Martha," and "Birthing Hope" from the authors for being on their launch teams. The opinions expressed here are my own.


Literate Getaway
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