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Reformer: a person who makes changes to something in order to improve it.


I suppose it’s time I called it like it is. Rather than wearing the title as a badge of shame, perhaps I can live up to its true definition. Negative connotation placed at the altar.


I am a reformer.


A pastor friend of mine called me that the other day. I bristled, because I don’t consider myself to be a rebel of the church. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. My response,

I don’t know. Some days I think I’m more Catholic.


Truth is, I kind of wish I was all of it. Catholic and Orthodox and Protestant. Christian.


I try to look at the Church as Christ sees her. His bride. The instrument he still uses to do his Kingdom work on this earth, until he decides to come and restore earth and all its creation to its heavenly glory.


If I’m going to look at the church as Christ sees her, I’m convinced I must see all believers.


I'm thrilled to join the other talented writers over at Altarwork. To keep reading my piece, click here.


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