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My sweet mama.


All my life, she’s been my spiritual mentor. A spiritual giant really. She’s been my Sunday School teacher and my Bible drills instructor. We’ve read a yearly Bible reading plan together. She served as the women’s ministry director at her church the same time I held the same role at mine. Often, when we talk on the phone, we dive into deep theological waters. We love Jesus and his church.


She knows all the ways I’ve been exploring the Christian faith. I’ve been learning new-to-me spiritual practices and visiting churches who worship differently than I do. While I think an individual’s local church should remain a priority, my faith has also grown by visiting other churches occasionally. I’ve even discovered new things I can bring back to my church to enhance our worship experiences.


Last summer, while on vacation, I talked Mom into attending Catholic Mass. We’ve never been Catholic; my mom still attends a Southern Baptist Church, and I am now a member of the Reformed Church of America. I took her and my daughter to Mass because I find it meaningful to worship with my Catholic brothers and sisters from time to time.


Toward the end of Mass, the Priest prepared for Communion. My daughter has gone to Mass with me before, but this was Mom’s first time.


I'm honored to share this piece about overcoming fears to explore one's faith over at Faith Beyond Fear. To keep reading, click here.

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