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Three Books That Teach Religious Concepts To Kids

I have three books to tell you about today. Very special books, because they help us as parents teach our children about God and the Bible. They are beautifully illustrated and will go a long way in helping you discuss spiritual concepts with your children. Plus, bonus, you're likely to learn a thing or two in the reading as well.


One of the co-writers for these first two books is Sandy Sasso, who I had the opportunity to hear at the Festival of Faith and Writing in the spring. As a Jewish rabbi, she taught people how to study Scripture in such a way that it deeper truths would emerge. In her work with children, she became convinced children are more ready to learn from Bible stories in this way as well. It's all about presenting the concepts in a way they can relate to and understand. Young theologians already, if we teach them well.


512lO7ev3HL._AC_US218_The Marvelous Mustard Seed - Jesus loved a good story, and he realized its ability to teach truths to his listeners in a way they could understand. In this book, Jesus' parable about the mustard seed, and what wonderful things we can do with even a tiny bit of faith, comes to life. What does this tiny seed, which grows up to be a marvelous tree, have to teach us about the potential of things? I told you, a good way to have some rich discussion about spiritual things.



51kw16rnX3L._AC_US218_Who Counts? - God never stops pursuing us. Luke 15 gives us three parables Jesus told, about three things that lost, and how very important it is to find these lost items. So important in fact, that when found, celebrations commence. What a beautiful way for your child to begin understanding, that in God's eyes, we all count. Profoundly so.




51zNsyUnRlL._AC_US218_God Needed A Puppy - It's a struggle to find the right words for our children when a beloved pet died. This treasure of a book helps children understand death is a part of life, and God recognizes our pain. Through the wise words of an owl and a fox children can realize, other furry pets will be a big part of their lives. In the meantime, God needed a puppy....




I received a copy of "The Marvelous Mustard Seed" and "Who Counts" from NetGalley for the purpose of generating a review. I received a copy of "God Needs A Puppy" from the publisher, Paraclete Press, for the purpose of generating a review.


3ReligiousBooks For The Kids
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