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One Lost Coin: A Story Of Lost (Then Found) Identity


A Story of Lost (Then Found) Identity
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I've been alive approximately 2,285 Sundays, and almost every single one of those has found me seated on a church pew. Or on a hard metal chair. Or a padded chair. Or that one Sunday I stood almost the entire service beside Russian Orthodox believers.


When it comes to church, I’ve stayed. For the first 26 years of my life, that meant attending a Southern Baptist church. It was an active singles group that led me to the Presbyterians. My husband’s comfort level brought us to a non-denominational church. It was our small town roots that led us to our current church home with Reformed believers.


And it was Lauren Winner who gave me permission to explore my faith... a big thank you to Jessie at One Lost Coin for letting me share a post about church with her readers. Click here to keep reading.


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