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I used to think I knew what heaven was going to be like. We have more than a few hints in Scripture, right?


My mansion would be next door to someone amazing like Ruth Graham. We'd sing songs to Jesus, and maybe I'd finally get to play the harp (remember the time I told you about the time I tested out band instruments in junior high and asked if the band had harps in it) for a king like David did. We'd stroll up and down the golden streets, picking a piece of fruit off the "Fruit of the Month" tree, and waving to newcomers at the pearly gates. There is going to be a feast. I'm getting a new wedding dress designed by Jesus himself. Me and the angels hanging out for all eternity. Of course, there would be baseball. All of that is biblical right?


The older I get, and the more I read Scripture, I'm not at all sure what heaven will be like. One thing I know for sure, it will be excellent. And while we're still down here doing all kinds of kingdom work, it's alright if we long for heaven.

Conquerors inherit all this. I'll be God to them, they'll be sons and daughters to me. Revelations 21:7


In the Bible study Inheritance, Beth Moore read this verse out loud, and every time I read it now, I hear her Southern accent emphasizing these words... ALL THIS. I listened to a Tim Keller sermon once, and he offered his interpretation of Revelation 21:1, the new heaven and the new earth, which he believes will take place right here. Imagine this world we live in... perfect. The band MercyMe gave us additional things to think about; like dancing, walking with Jesus, and finally seeing the face of God.  If you've read much of my writing at all, you know I have a passion for learning from a variety of Christian traditions. It should come as no surprise, Christians don't agree on what heaven will be exactly.


Here's what I know to be true. Jesus will be there, and that's enough. I think God gives us of heaven glimpses in Scripture, but he's just fine with keeping much of it a mystery as well. We can certainly use our imagination, but realize it's falling short of heaven's excellence.



While we're considering heaven, we can also dwell on "thy kingdom come" that's happening right here all around us. In the midst of so much ugliness and turmoil, there's light pushing back the darkness. That's excellent. 


All month, we've been dwelling on the list we read in Philippians 4:8... things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. Do you know what I've realized? Dwelling on these things give us hope. 


Mix hope in with a little bit of spiritual elbow grease, and the divine workings of a mighty God, and excellent things are sure to follow. Both now, and someday in heaven.




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