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Next week, we in America will gather around tables, stuffing ourselves with... well, stuffing, and expressing our thankfulness. Sometimes I count my blessings and I feel selfish. Overly blessed. Who am I that God would bless me so crazy much?


I’m not really sure how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year without feeling completely... selfish. Overblessed.


Thanksgiving Table


I was thinking about it again this morning. A story Jesus told came to mind. In Luke 12, we read of a manager who was left in charge of the master’s people. We’re told that the manager who mishandles his responsibility will surely pay a great price. Even if we do this in ignorance, we’ll receive a form of punishment. The story ends with these words:

Great gifts mean great responsibilities; greater gifts, greater responsibilities! (Luke 12:48b)


As I sit down with my family and friends this Thanksgiving, this is where I’m taking the conversation. We’ve received great gifts (that’s an understatement). How can we steward them well? I want to have conversations where we can go deeper, realizing all God has given us. I want to do good from that outpouring.


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Perhaps you’re thinking this is a discussion you might need to have around your table as well. Create a space where you can have healthy conversations about the impact faith has had on your life. What it's like to live counting your blessings.


Don’t make your Thanksgiving about the food and how much of it you can eat in one sitting. Don’t let your whole afternoon be spent snoozing while the Lions are losing. The very worst joke - sorry. Let’s really think on how blessed we are and share our stories. That's a Thanksgiving well spent.


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