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A Year of Reading Storytelling Books About Church

Today, I have a special treat for you! A 2019 Reading List. I've asked many of you, scoured my own bookshelves, and done more than one Google search or two, to find 12 books about the intersection of the Christian faith and daily life. Some are fiction, others are memoirs and entirely true. The church is as varied as the people who walk inside her doors each Sabbath, so you'll find a great representation of Christian traditions here. Enjoy!


I'd encourage you to find a friend, or a small group, and read these books together. They're sure to start up some great conversations, and maybe a stroll or two down memory lane. Book club members, print this list out, and you'll be set for an entire year.


2019 Church Storytelling Books


Some of these are new to me as well, so I'll be joining you on this reading journey. Watch for reviews throughout the year. 


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