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Top 5 Posts of 2018

A few years back, I stopped looking at Google Analytics, the site that tracks who reads your blog, how long they linger, how many articles they read, where they live, and the name of their pets. In other words, too much information. But once a year, I stop in to see what my Top 5 posts are for the year. Some of the articles on this year's list are new.


Top 5

For The Woman Whose Husband Doesn't Go To Church (Anymore)

I had a conversation with a sweet woman at an event a few years back. I hadn't met her before that evening, and will likely not see her again, but her story resonated with me. What do you do if your husband stops going to church? This post explores that.


For The Woman Who Goes To Church Alone

I wrote this post early on, because I'll always, always have a heart for the woman who sits alone in a church pew. That was my mama. Sometimes, it's me. 


Explaining To A Child Why We Go to Church

We have a conversation much like this one from time to time in my house. I don't want my daughter going to church because Mom said so. Here, I share some reasons I give her for being a regular part of a church family. 


Responding To Bill Hybels And Willow Creek Community Church

I steer clear of politics. It's not the primary message God has laid on my heart, and I'm fearful I'll appear ignorant. This story about Bill and Lynne (and Shauna) impacted me deeply though. I'd admired and learned from this family. I had to speak up.


My Sunday With The Russian Orthodox

In June, my mom, my daughter and I visited a Russian Orthodox church in Houston. If I could find a way to get paid to visit churches and write about them, I'd sign up today. This article did so well because someone saw it and sent it to the priest, who shared it from his own Facebook page. 



In addition, here's one of my favorite posts of this year:

Where Our Christian Traditions Intersect

I'd like to explore this topic more. When I'm longing for the church of my childhood, and cling to a hymn book, is that related in any way to a Catholic who holds the Rosary or an Orthodox believer who holds a Prayer Rope? When it comes to our faith, are we speaking the same language in our own unique dialects?


Here are my lists from previous years:






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