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Fact Sheet On My First Book


Fact Sheet On My First Book Pinterest


I secured an agent in November 2017 and the first book proposals were sent out upon completion of editing.



  • Anyone (I mean why is that a bad answer) LOL


  • Christians who enjoy talking church & learning from others


  • Christians interested in ecumenicism


  • Christians who are comfortable in their tradition but could grow in their faith if they explored other traditions


  • Christians who are fearful of learning about new spiritual practices


  • Those who don't believe in Jesus yet but are curious about the church (if we'd stop fighting)


  • Pastors who need encouragement, especially when it comes to teaching their congregations a new thing.



The working title is A Church Story: How One Protestant Girl Developed A Spiritual Hunger for Matzoh Bread and Holy Water.


Fact sheet on my first book



I tell my church story (emphasis on storytelling throughout the whole book). My conservative beginnings, but also how I look back and see many Christian traditions having an influence on me. I share about the various denominations I have been a part of, the sizes of churches where I've served, and what it's like now to visit a great variety of other churches. 


In addition to my story, there are twelve friends who share snippets of what church has been like for them. Overall, an excellent way to see parts of your church story in a book, begin having conversations about what church has been like for you, and a giving of permission to explore other traditions and spiritual practices with the end goal of finding more of Jesus.


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