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Fact Sheet On My First Book


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Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost is my first book. squeal Here's all you need to know about that:


The Blurb

What if we stopped trying to find the perfect church in the right Christian tradition and intentionally explored our faith with all our Christian brothers and sisters? Can Christians embrace God fully by exploring other faith traditions? In Not All Who Wander, we discover that we do indeed find Jesus in a church, and traces of him in our everyday lives as well.

Not All Who Wander walks readers through the author’s faith journey, and how her experience with churches in a number of traditions has left her longing for more of Jesus than any one church offers. It also presents stories from other believers to give readers a sense of how alike, and different, our spiritual experiences can be. Rhoades has developed a passion for discovering all the ways we worship Jesus and invites readers to join her. With utter delight, she’s discovered no matter which traditions she worships with, Jesus meets her there.


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The Back Story

I secured an agent in November 2017 and the first book proposals were sent out upon completion of editing. In May 2019 I signed a book contract with Church Publishing Inc. Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost is scheduled to come out Spring 2020.



  • Anyone (I mean why is that a bad answer) LOL


  • Christians who enjoy talking church & learning from others


  • Christians interested in ecumenicism


  • Christians who are comfortable in their tradition but could grow in their faith if they explored other traditions


  • Christians who are fearful of learning about new spiritual practices


  • Those who don't believe in Jesus yet but are curious about the church (if we'd stop fighting)


  • Pastors who need encouragement, especially when it comes to teaching their congregations a new thing


  • Book Clubs, Small Groups, Bible study (it was written with discussion in mind)


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