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Hymn Tours

I'm going on tour, along with a few of my friends. You're invited too.


Allow me to explain. I'm new to the observance of Lent. Unless you want to count the times in high school when I'd spend Friday nights at my friend's house, who happened to be Catholic, and we'd order cheese pizza from Casey's Convenience Store. Something about no meat on Fridays.


But then in my 30s, I started reading more about spiritual practices. I studied up on the church calendar. It was then I finally realized that spiritual disciplines like Advent and Lent help us prepare our hearts for the forthcoming holiday. When we focus on our need for a Savior, and the gift of his Resurrection, for weeks ahead of time, it makes the approaching celebration more glorious. My heart is ready, so ready to celebrate.


So, this Evangelical observes Lent. I've never given up anything for Lent, which is a common practice. Instead, I've added spiritual reflections. A devotional book, a She Reads Truth study, particular passages of Scriptures. This year, I'm inviting you to join me, and some other writing friends, to do a tour of hymns with us.


These will will feature a different hymn for forty days. Every morning, a particular hymn story written by me, one of my friends, or taken from this book, will arrive in your inbox. We can focus on the words, smile or cry at the story, and remember there's a celebration coming! In no time at all, we'll rejoice that our Lord is risen, and he's coming back again.


You'll only receive this email by signing up for it. My regular newsletter subscribers (this will get you signed up for that too) already get a weekly email, "Seven Things For Your Saturday." That's different. 


If you want to do the Hymns Tour with us, you must sign up here:

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