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Bible Studies, Devotionals & Living By Faith Books For Teen Girls (Oh My!)


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I'm often asked for book recommendations for young people at their level to help them grow in faith. The early teen and teenage years are a wonderful time to start adding depth to their Christian Walk. Lord, may our children have a love for your word!


In this post I'm giving you a several great options for teen girls. My 11-year old is currently using some of them, and a few might wait a couple years. I've marked the appropriate age beside the title.


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Rather than recreate the wheel, Lifeway Publishers have taken several of their women's studies and published versions for teens. I've done many of these studies in their adult version myself. Excellent!


71qTkIa76zL._AC_UL436_All Things New: Teen Girls' Bible Study on 2 Corinthians (by Kelly Minter) Ages 12-18

There's much to learn about love for one another and a healthy church in this letter from Paul to the Corinthians.  Kelly's writing style is very encouraging and nurturing.


91IeIgUSq3L._AC_UL436_We Saved You A Seat: Teen Girls' Bible Study: Finding & Keeping Lasting Friendships (by Lisa-Jo Baker) Ages 12-18

I have not done this one but I know Lisa-Jo is a great mentor. Friendships can be a big struggle during the teen years. I love the idea of letting Scripture be the guide for our daughters as they navigate friendship.


81tIL0-HOQL._AC_UL320_Seamless: Student Edition (by Angie Smith) Ages 12-18

I know a number of women who have gone through the adult version of this study, designed to show how the Bible ties together into one beautiful story. We're creating young Bible scholars and this book would be an excellent foundational study. This one has a DVD set you can order with it.


910G7b1PiaL._AC_UL436_Looking For Lovely: Teen Girls' Bible Study (by Annie F. Downs) Ages 12-18

Again, I haven't done this study but it's based on a book by the author. I've listened to her podcast and she does a great job of bringing our faith into our everyday lives.


81pB1KysqyL._AC_UL436_The Armor of God: Teen Bible Study Book (by Priscilla Shirer) Ages 12-18

My Bible study group went through this one in the fall. It's full of truths and fresh insights. A great tool for teaching our teens about the identity they already have in Christ.




Before I added Prayer Books, chronological Bible reading or contemplative prayer, I used devotionals. They are an excellent way to develop the habit of spending daily time in God's word. I'd encourage you to make sure each day has a Scripture reading so when your teen is ready to read directly from the Bible or use a Prayer book, they're already comfortable doing so.


61w9iYHA-WL._AC_UL320_Live In Light: Five Minute Devotions for Teen Girls (by Melanie Redd) Ages 11-18

The author was mentored by a woman in her church as a young girl, and now she wants to pass along mentoring truths to her own daughter. The stories shared are tender and personal. Each day opens with a verse and closes with a reflection question. There are some spiritual practices and additional resources referenced throughout as well.


51QPrXVL6mL._AC_UL436_Fearless Faith (100 Devotionals for Girls) (by Melanie Shankle) Ages 11-18

My daughter is using this one now. Each day starts with a Scripture passage and ends with a Takeaway. There's a section to write your thoughts each day and there are fun activities (such as a taste testing with your friends) throughout the book as well. The illustrations are beautiful!


81DizTp6H5L._AC_UL320_Glimmer & Shine (365 Devotions to Inspire) (by Natalie Grant) Ages 11-13

I gifted this devotional to a friend's daughter for Christmas a few years ago. I am partial to the devotions that offer a whole year of reading. Again, it's all about developing the habit of daily time with God. It starts each day with Scripture and has a prayer at the end. The weekend pages also have quizzes, pages to color, etc.


61PydGvxeSL._AC_UL436_Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women (published by Zondervan) Ages 13-18

This one is a Christmas gift (shh). A daily verse and room to write at the end of each day. It tackles a lot of current topics. Plus it's pretty!




These are great resources to read together. I'm always looking for conversation starters so my daughter and I can talk about a variety of situations she'll soon be facing. These books remind us both to invite God into every circumstance as well.


913Gmn6chJL._AC_UL436_Growing In Godliness: A Teen Girl's Guide To Maturing In Christ (by Lindsey Carlson) Ages 13-18

This book is for a bit older audience and I'd encourage moms to read it with their daughters. That being said, it takes a serious look at discipleship. There's a ton of Scripture throughout and it focuses on developing the character of our teens.


51egSqxAYmL._AC_UL436_Follow Jesus: A Christian Teen's Guide to Navigating the Online World (by Christine Carter) Ages 13-18

What a needed book! My friend Christine just released guide to helping teens be godly men and women online. Full of Scripture with memory verse aids throughout. This one is a workbook, so again a great one to do together.


71DGDngt9tL._AC_UL436_Empowered: How God Shaped 11 Women's Lives (And Can Shape Yours Too) (by Catherine Parks) Ages 8-12

Oh, how delightful! It's a bit of church history in a readable book for teens. The lessons are there as well. Your daughter can easily read this on her own but if you read it together, I bet you learn a thing or two as well.


71im926exxL._AC_UL436_Lies Girls Believe (And The Truth That Sets Them Free) by Dannah Gresh and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth)

this book also has a Mom's Guide companion Ages 11-13

If your daughter is visual like mine, she's going to love this book. It's FULL. Page after page of stories, Bible verses, activities, illustrations. She was excited to flip through it the day this book came in the mail.


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I received a copy of "Live in Light," "Growing In Godliness," and "Empowered" from NetGalley for the purpose of generating a review. I received a copy of "Lies Girls Believe" from Moody Publishing for the purpose of generating a review. The opinions expressed here are my own.



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