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Sometimes I wonder what message I have for the hurting, the chronically ill, the wandering soul. How can I convey hope to my readers when I haven’t gone through their struggles? Have not walked a mile in their shoes? I may not fully understand their perspective, but I can learn how to better walk beside them. All writers would do well to remember the words of Jesus, ‘in this world you will have trouble.” That’s all of us. We’re better when we figuratively lock arms and face hard times together, and while I may not have personally gone through certain struggles, I often know friends and family in my community who have. Often, they agree to walk alongside my readers by allowing me to share their story. I’m thankful for the ones who willingly lift up their painful struggles to God and say, “Use it.”


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The Stories Of Others

Writing about the stories of others of course means getting their permission. The women I minister to at church, or other friends and family, are the people I live with in real-life community. My first priority is to encourage them along the way when times are hard. Sometimes, for some of these people, times stay hard for years. If I’m not actively helping them face life’s challenges, I haven’t earned the right to ask if I can share their story...


To keep reading my thoughts on sharing the personal stories of mine and others with a larger Internet audience, click on the highlighted link here to visit my guest post at servantsofgrace.com.




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