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Some of my writing friends participate in a weekly writing exercise hosted by Kate Maotaung called Five Minute Friday. Or #fmfparty on social media. I've done this in the past and here's an example. I've decided to use the five minute prompt  for my Hometown Essays series about the recent trip to my hometown after way too long. Five minutes of free writing with no edits. Enjoy!


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If you grew up where I did, you can easily hum this jingle,

Where there's a helpful aisle in every aisle... shop Hy-vee.


You'll also recall the main street that goes through town, Washington Street, runs in front of this grocery store staple. On Friday nights, at least when I was a teenager, young drivers would cruise through town, stopping in the parking lot to visit before heading south to the Wal-Mart parking lot, turning around and doing it all over again.


Inside, there are tenderloin sandwiches. The special buy one, get one free is Tuesdays, but I couldn't wait until the Tuesday I'd fly back to Michigan for the special. I forked over the full amount for two sandwiches and a side of broccoli salad the first day I was there. My uncle surprised me with two boxes of store-brand drumsticks that same night. 


Whenever I go back home, a trip or two to Hy-Vee is mandatory. It's one of several must-do things every time I go back to the town of my childhood. Chillicothe isn't special to everyone, but it sure is special to me. I hadn't been "home" for three years at least and this past weekend I took care of that nonsense, promising never to wait so long again. 


We don't have Hy-Vee in Michigan. Culver's tenderloin sandwiches aren't as good. Our store-brand drumsticks get soggy. Sometimes it's true... there's no place like home.


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