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I grew up in the church. For 40+ years I've called one church or another home. Yet I'm not certain I could pass even the most basic church history quiz. Furthermore, I don't have a pressing interest in reading the church fathers. I try from time to time, but their language is antiquated and those book are often l-o-n-g (sorry guys and gals). 


Why is church history important? It's similar reasoning to why we study any history:

  • That we might know our roots
  • We realize church has always been made up of very different people with very different beliefs
  • There are opportunities to learn both good and bad responses to our present-day church
  • We feel an inspiring connection to the faithful who have gone before us
  • Helps us develop sound theology
  • A commentary of sorts on various interpretations of Scripture
  • God was there 


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So I went to Twitter. I asked for book suggestions for those of us who would like to know more church history but are really, truly beginners. Here's what they had to offer:


51mKLfuyTWL._AC_UL436_Christian History Made Easy (book from Rose Publishing)




71MP42T7NSL._AC_UL436_Church History in Plain English (book from Zondervan Academic)





71ao-zLkMGL._AC_UL436_Pocket History of the Church (book by IVP Academic)





815NMHqqDbL._AC_UL436_A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity (book by Hodder & Stouten Ltd)





51CpT3s6V9L._AC_UL436_History Lives Box Set: Chronicles of the Church (kids' series by CF4Kids)




61eRMzKmf9L._AC_UL436_The Story of Christianity (Volume 1): The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation (book by HarperOne)




51T7X6TGOWL._AC_UL436_The Story of Christianity (Volume 2): The Reformation to the Present Day (book by HarperOne)




AD-Mockup7_mediumAnno Domini: The First Five Hundred Years of the Church (workbook from If: Gathering)




AD-mockup_mediumAnno Domini: The Middle Ages & Reformation (workbook from If: Gathering)



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