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My Sunday With The Anglicans - A Guest Post


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We had the date set six months in advance, because that’s how camping families do things in Michigan. When preparing my list of things to pack in the camper, I added a nice shirt and a pair of jeans, church clothes. Some people see vacation time as a break from Sunday church, whereas I see it as an opportunity to visit a new church.


I did what I often do when visiting a church outside of my faith comfort zone, I emailed the church to let them know I was coming. I’d never been to an anglican Church before and if there were certain guidelines expected of guests, I wanted to be sure I respected them.


Only a few hours after sending my initial email I received a response, “We would love to have you visit!” For several years now I’ve been visiting a variety of churches. When people ask me why, I offer a variation of this response, “Learning about other traditions offers me more of Jesus.”


I was thrilled to do a guest post for my friend Colleen at This Michigan Life. 

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