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Her View From Home: We've Been Six Feet Apart For Six Months Now


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All winter long my daughter complained because we hadn’t gotten much snow. Or we had the biggest snowstorms on the weekend. Many mornings I’d wake her up before school and she’d grumpy-face around, dismayed we still hadn’t had a single day off from school.


In March, we stopped going to school. We stopped going anywhere and it didn’t have a thing to do with snow. Finally, when we were able to go out again on occasion, you heard it again and again, be sure to social distance and keep six feet apart.


We’ve been six feet apart for six months now. We had no idea how much happened in six months’ time, until they didn’t happen.


Our school’s spring musical, in which my daughter had a part, was canceled.

There was not a spring sporting event to speak of...


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