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For my Board Game Friends - Bible Games Review


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We had friends over the other night. What a thrill when, after dinner, we discovered they liked board games. We spent the night laughing and competing.


These new games from Bible Games Central will be great for home, small groups or church settings. Check out their tagline:

Super fun Bible games that teach Christian truths.


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That about says it all. I had the opportunity to preview each game. Here's a run down:

Parable Parade - Parables tell a story and that's exactly what these cards ask you to do. The instruction card inside the box was easy to follow. You need to collect four cards of the same parable. Draw a card to get started. Along the way, Kingdom Cards may be used to take a parable card from a player. An Oopsie card means you have to discard three Kingdom Cards. The first player to form two parable stories wins. ($11.95)


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Bible Memory GameWhat a fun way to learn the books of the Bible. Each card shows a picture representing the book, which testament the book is found in, and its category (ie. prophet, history). All you have to do is make a match! ($11.95)


Christmas Bingo and Memory Game - This game has two sets of cards (24 in each set) so you can play memory, OR you can use the cards to call a group Bingo game (24 Bingo sheets included). ($19.95)


Bible Bingo - There are 24 Bingo sheets (with front and back) in this set. The books are arranged by categories. Also included is a guide that includes instructions, "Books of the Bible Overview" and "Sections of the Bible Overview." Sixty-six calling cards are included. ($19.95)


These sets come with plastic covering and are good quality. I highly recommend them as teaching resources for the children and youth in your church.


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I received a set of Bible games from Bible Games Central in exchange for an honest review of their products. Opinions are my own.


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