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I'm an artist, words on a page as my canvas. It's my teenage daughter who is the drawer, the painter, the digital sketcher. When I saw an opportunity to review Emily Lex's Watercolor products and classes, I knew I wanted to introduce them. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous! Here's her website. You can also find her on Instagram. She has a couple illustrated books available too. Do check her out!


Here's the package we received. Everything was top quality and we'll use each item for some time to come.

EmilyLex Pkg


Truth for Today verse cards with brass card holder (just right for my teen who's doing her own personal devotions)


Two watercolor workbooks - flowers and animals (she right away started in on doing a wood duck picture)

Al Painting

Three of her online classes -  simplified watercolor, watercolor for kids and simplified penmanship (very user friendly. sunbeam classwork shown here)





Emily Lex wants to share her beautiful things with you too! Look at this giveaway:

Enter here & quickly as the deadline is May 30, 2021!



I hope you enjoy checking out her work and products! We sure did. 


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