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The folks at Bible Games Central have been busy making a new batch of games. They're a great size for stocking stuffers. In our house we do a few big gifts on our journey through advent, and I'm going to use Mission Ends of the Earth as one of them for my middle schooler this year. We use their games in Sunday School and they are top quality and creative. Here's last year's review post and these are still available. There are YouTube videos to learn how to play each game too, which my family finds extremely helpful.


There's also a variety of free games on the site. If you're gathering this weekend for Thanksgiving, check out these free options. Save this page for some free Christmas games.


Before we get into my review of 5 New Games, I'm pleased to announce my readers are being offered a discount code now through December 19, 2021. Just type in TRACES20 and get 20% off storewide!



Emoji Bible Stories


You know kids will go crazy about combining emojis with Bible stories. Using different emoji cards, children tell the Bible stories themselves. There are four different games you can play with this set, including variations for those less familiar with the Bible (the story summary cards are great for this). 





Bible Match It Link It


Think Bingo, Spot It, and Dominoes. There are four ways to play this game too. Grab your Bible and have fun looking up the stories for all the pictures on the cards. We had great conversation from these!





Bible Animals Click Clack Match


Fun, competitive, strategic. The images on these dice are well done, and again, great conversation starters to match the dice with Bible stories. You roll dice to match up with images on game cards. Each game card is assigned a different set of points for completion. Beware of the sad faces on some sides of the dice, because they end your turn.





The Good Shepherd Card Game


The object is to have a sheep and the pasture card in your hand at the end of the game. Other cards can help and hinder this effort along the way. For example, a wolf card means you can steal one card from another player. A stampeded cards means a player gives up all their cards. But the good shepherd card, y'all, it protects a player from the wolf or stampede cards. Spiritual lessons for days.





Mission: Ends Of The Earth


Challenging. Strategic. Right in line with popular games like Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, etc. The illustrations on this one are great. From Leah's online review: 

The goal is to get from your start location to the final destination, which is written on the card, and to gather all of the resources you need on the way. 




I received a set of Bible games from Bible Games Central in exchange for an honest review of their products. Opinions are my own.


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