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Jude - Kept in Jesus Christ



We writers are duly impressed with someone who can say something profound in very few words. Think poets and lyricists, for example. Or Jude, who penned a letter toward the end of the Bible. It’s only one chapter in length, a total of twenty-five verses. 


Jude had some serious warnings for his readers. However, before he, in no uncertain terms, laid them out, he wanted these early Christians to know some things. His greeting is filled with encouraging words. Reminders about our identity in Christ. Let this be a lesson for all of us, people will better hear the hard stuff we need to say, after we’ve assured them of the good and loving parts of of our relationships.


Here is one thing Jude wanted his readers to know: they’re kept in Jesus Christ. (Jude 1:1, ESV)


Right now in our family, we’re going through a few things. If we’re honest with one another, aren’t we always struggling, big or small, in some way? When I saw this line, these four words tucked away in a greeting of a short letter in the New Testament, it brought me tremendous comfort. We don’t carry our burdens alone. I shared this truth with a few friends, and they agreed, something about these times makes this reminder even more meaningful. We are kept in Jesus Christ.


To the single woman who grows weary of making so many decisions on their own,

You are kept.


To the mama falling to her knees again, praying over her marriage or a child,

You are kept.


Your young child, the teenager or college student, and grown children who are now out on their own, 

They are kept.


To the grandparent, who wants to help their families in any way they can,

You are kept.


To the dad who parents all alone, hoping he’s able to give his children what they need to flourish,

You are kept.


To the teacher who pours all she has into those students in her classroom,

You are kept.


To the nurse who works tirelessly on her feet to provide care and nurturing to the suffering,

You are kept.


To the chaplain who spends countless hours offering comfort to the grieving,

You are kept.


One day at a time, we make decisions and we figure things out, but it’s such a relief to know, we are kept. 


For those times relationships get strained and we have to have hard conversations, it helps to realize you, and other people involved, are kept.


Turning again to Jude. In his letter, he went on to say everything God had placed on his heart. Then, he closed his letter by reminding us to care for one another by having mercy on one another, which wraps right back around to the beginning of the letter (I told you Jude’s writing was impressive). Those capable of showing the greatest mercy can do so, knowing they are kept in Jesus Christ.


The next time you’re overwhelmed, and life feels too much, remember you are kept in Jesus Christ. Remind others of this too. From the words of Jude’s own benediction, the end of his heartfelt letter he wrote thousands of years ago that still speaks to our souls today, [ours] is a God how is “able to keep you from falling.” (Jude 1:24 NRSV)

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