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Over the years, I've received a lot of feedback on my voice. Not my writing voice, which I've worked hard to develop, but my actual speaking voice. I would do social media videos from time to time, and people would comment on the soothing tone. The encouraging, slow delivery.


My books aren't available as audio books yet. Still, there are lots of ways to hear someone's voice today, and to offer mine, I wanted it to fit with the ministry I'm already doing. I didn't want to add something just for the sake of checking that off the box.


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I thought and prayed. I considered what others were already doing. Here's what I've decided to offer:

TracesofFaith with Traci Rhoades is a weekly podcast, delivered every Tuesday. In a short 6-8 minutes, I'll reflect on some aspect of faith living. The first series is going to focus on beginnings. I'll have guest presenters, rather than interviews. If you're interested in partnering with me on this, do reach out. I hope each episode reminds you of your place in the Capital - C Church. May we all be encouraged and learn some new things along the way.


I'll have the podcast available on all podcast outlets, including Spotify. It's my pleasure to connect with you in another way.


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