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In an effort to make my interviews and writing easy to access, I've started individual pages for those podcast interviews done for a particular book. This page lists the interviews I had for my first book, Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost or around articles produced during that time. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in having me on your podcast, YouTube, or radio show.


Here is a list of my interviews:

Can I Say That At Church (with Seth Price)


The Stories Between Us (with Shawn and Maile Smucker)


The B.A.R. Podcast (with Dawain Atkinson)


The Why Behind The What (with Nathan Albert)


Spark My Muse (with Lisa Colon DeLay)


Two Christians & A Jew: What is Torah? (with Meir Simchah, Jennifer Brown Jones, Frank Taylor)


Gravity Leadership Podcast (with Ben Sternke and Matt Tebbe)


Apprentice2Jesus (with Daniel Thompson)


Pod Have Mercy (with Jackson Davey)


Light Vision Podcast (with Eric Fisher)


Armchair Theology a discussion of Ruth (with Ross Furio and Clay Farrington)


Happy & Holy Podcast (with Kate Boyd)


Time Eternal Podcast (with Nicole Roccas)


1Geek411 YouTube Book Club (with Chris, Cameron & Shaneen)

1Geek411 (twitch) & 1Geek411 (Youtube) Interview (with Chris, Cameron, Shaneen & Emma)

think radio talk show & my first time using Twitch


Kevin Barhydt YouTube Channel


A Priest & A Rabbi LIVE radio show (with Father Christian Anderson and Rabbi Matthew Durbin)

Facebook Live version


Jason Scott Montoya YouTube discussion (with James Rowell and Greg Goodrich)


Halfway There Podcast (with Eric Nivens)


Rooted by the Stream (with Dr. Pam Morrison)


Resist & Restore podcast (with Jonny Rashid)


A Few Minutes (with Matt Rhodes)


The Motherhood Metamorphosis (with Brittany Meng)


Resist and Restore (with Jonny Rashid)

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