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Bible Review - Explorer Bible for Kids

Bible Review - Egermeier's Interactive Story Bible


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Let me start by telling you how thrilling it is to hold a Bible that's also incorporated the technology of our day. In the debate over electronic Bibles versus print Bibles, this kids' story Bible from Warner Christian Resources offers both. Win-win.


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Here are some unique features I liked in the new Egermeier's Interactive Story Bible:

It's a hardcover Bible that's not too thick (coming in at 611 pages).


The pages inside are illustrated with four-color drawings from artist, Mark Harmon.


It includes 312 stories told chronologically, and they include the scripture references.


The stories are well-written by author, Elsie E. Egermeier, and appropriate for kids of all ages (reading level is grades 2-3).


The follow up questions at end of each story can help with further discussion.


The "Helpful Bible Information" section in the back is an excellent tool for parents to use in helping their kids learn about scripture. Things like maps, a Temple drawing, and a chart listing Great Prayers of the Bible. I learned a few things myself!


The QR codes! They take you to videos that tell you more about the Bible itself, and particular stories using drawn illustrations. 



There's a touch of nostalgia in this story Bible as well, with the older generation remembering the classic Egermeier's Bible Story Book, first published in 1922. In total, there have been more than 6 million copies of this beloved Bible sold.


Outside the city gates, the wise men saw the same bright star they had seen in the east country. It seemed to lead them. Surely, God was helping them find Jesus. (Egermeier's Interactive Story Bible page 374)



Interested in getting this Bible for a Christmas present (or two)? Enter to win one of three giveaway copies here. Winners will be drawn on December 28, 2022. You can also purchase some Bibles at 30% off during November and December by using the code: BLOG30.


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