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It's kind of fun to look back on the year, and see what articles showed up the most from Interest searches and Pinterest pins. The articles on this list continuously find their way to readers. They're the material you want to read. They touch on topics near and dear to my heart as well. Although none of these were written in 2022, here are the articles with the most clicks this year:


1. For the Woman Whose Husband Doesn't Go to Church (Anymore) 

This is a follow up post to another one on this list (#4), which speaks to women who sit in church pews alone on Sunday mornings. There are any number of reasons for this, and I want them to always know they're welcome too. I read a tweet this year about a church who invited a group of single ladies to light the advent candle one week in December. I loved this! We should be intentional about remember the family of God doesn't look like a nuclear family of dad, mom, and two kids. And it shouldn't. 


2. Reflections on Holy Week

I have several of these scripture reflections posts now. Looking specifically at the Easter story or the Christmas story, I write reflections on the Bible verses that offer us details about the events that happened. This one on Holy Week is a good way to remember what Jesus did each day of the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday.


3. Explaining to a Child Why We Go to Church

I picture Saturday conversations that go something like this, "Can't we just stay home from church tomorrow, maybe watch it virtually?" Then, Mom or Dad do a quick internet search for help in talking to their child about the importance of church in our lives. The numbers for this post are high on the weekends.


4. For the Woman Who Goes to Church Alone

As I mentioned in the description for my #1 post, women who sit alone at church have my heart. They also have an invitation to sit with me any time. My mom went to church without her husband, and it left me aware of those women around me who bravely do the same thing.


5. Five Ways James Encourages Us to Have an Active Faith

As a bible teacher, it always does my heart good to see my blog posts about Scripture do well. This one on James shows up on search engines regularly. He has a lot to teach us about a practical faith.


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6. For My Daughter's Future Husband, I Pray

Barely a teenager, we don't know for sure that our daughter will get married, of course, but covering the "maybes" in life with prayer seems like a great idea. If she does find her husband-to-be someday, I have high hopes he'll be a godly man who lets God shape him.


7. Top 5 Bits of Advice I'd Give a 19-Year old Girl

I wrote this one a few years ago now, but the advice still holds. Someday, I should expand on the idea, offering advice for 29, 39 and 49 year olds. Maybe next year, when I actually turn 49.


8. Thoughts about Ash Wednesday (From a Protestant)

I've got a handful of articles on liturgical calendar services, like Ash Wednesday. My page views go up quite a bit during Advent and Lent, which points to our increased interest in the church calendar, and the rhythm it can give our lives. I'll keep writing articles like this one for sure!


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9. Tabitha Was Kind (a Medi-Share post)

I've written a handful of articles for Medi-Share, a healthcare partnership program. This article tells the story of the beloved Tabitha we read about in Acts 9.


1o. Bible Studies, Devotionals, and Living by Faith Books for Teen Girls (Oh My!)

I'm often asked for book recommendations, and that includes books for teens. Many of these resources are ones we used in our house with our daughter, so they are tried and true. Really, any resource that helps your daughter become familiar with her Bible is a win in my book.

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