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If you'll allow me two quick stories, then we'll dive into the features of this Student Life Application Study Bible (there are many).


First, I began reading through the Bible chronologically in a year in 2015, and it's become a daily practice. It all started with a woman from Bible study who started a year ahead of me, and kept talking about how she enjoyed it. I found a copy of the Chronological Bible in the New Living Translation at a garage sale, and joined her. We read it with a group of people online, and the NLT has been a great translation for Bible readers at all levels. 


Second, I have a daughter who's in the age range for a student Bible. She went to a youth camp last summer, and on our way home, she asked if she could get a new Bible. We'd appreciated the kid Bibles she used that were age-appropriate, often including pictures, charts, and sidebars. What a joy for this mama to help her daughter find a Bible that would take her study of scripture to the next level.


Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105 (NLT)


The Student Life Application Study Bible brings both of these stories together in a meaningful way. Let's look more closely at the translation. It took ninety respected Bible scholars seven years to complete the New Living Translation. A revision of the popular Living Bible, it was first released in July 1996 by Tyndale House Publishers. It's written at a 6th grade reading level (or 11+ years). Their Life Application Study Bible (for adults) remains one of the best-selling study Bibles today.


This particular Bible comes in a sturdy gift box, and matches the teal color of the "Leatherlike" cover. There are five other options to choose from, including a green hardcover and softcover, and charcoal featherlike with or without reference tabs. In addition to the myriad of charts, notes, maps, book overviews, and character snapshots, this Bible is equipped with access to the Filament Bible App. Here are some specific features:

  • 8.25 font on paper of decent thickness
  • 27,000+ study notes (combined with app)
  • Timeline of Bible events and world events
  • "The Bible's Big Story" in the back that highlights narrative themes
  • 81 biographical summaries of men and women in the Bible
  • 137 full-color pictures illustrating objects and places
  • 59 Q/A about basic Christianity
  • 316 maps, charts, and infographics throughout







This study Bible is full, and with the downloadable app, an amazing resource. Every page was assembled with a young student of the Bible in mind. I highly recommend this Bible for a student growing in their faith.

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