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When I think of the New English Translation (NET), the first word that comes to mind is research. I purchased my first NET Bible several years back, it was new at the time. I bought it for the notes. If you'd like to nerd out on the philosophy used in developing this translation, read more here. This version, Timeless Truths, is also full of notes, not from the team of translators, but rather compiled by editors. This Bible takes a reader through church history. 

Thus the subtitle: One Faith. Handed Down. For All The Saints.

The notes in this particular Bible are about the work I've undertaken for ten years now, wandering among the hallowed halls of the capital-C Church. On almost every page of Scripture, the editors at Thomas Nelson have compiled commentary notes from a wide variety of brothers and sisters in Christ. Some names will be more readily recognizable (Origen, Charles Spurgeon, Augustine, John Calvin), while others are worth learning more about (Catherina Regina Von Greiffenberg, Erasmus, Venerable Bede).

Scattered throughout the holy scripture, readers get an overview of various creeds and confessions (nine in total) that set forth foundational truths among the faithful as well. The full documents (or in some cases excerpts) follow the explanation. There are also 46(!) biographies of significant people involved with various church movements.

Here are a few other features:

  • Sixteen pages of full-color artwork
  • 9 pt. Comfort Print (Thomas Nelson exclusive) font
  • Book introductions for each book
  • Single Column format
  • Available in hardcover or leathersoft covers




Truly an excellent way to dip one's toes into the waters of history (what a baptismal that is), dispersed among a Bible that's highly readable, both in translation and page layout.

Here's a link to purchase the Timeless Truths Bible.

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