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Essential Mythbusters #2 - It's never safe to ingest essential oils

Essential Mythbusters #1 - EOs are dangerous for pets



This blanket statement is simply not true. Actually, blanket statements in general, buh bye. First, let me introduce you to Essential Oil Vet - Janet Roark, DVM. As with many things, I’ll usually send you to the experts when it comes to mythbusters. She’s great on social media, but also has lots of clinics and a website to educate pet owners and their friends. Definitely check in with your own vet with questions, too.
But here’s some basic info to get you started:
- Use tested, pure oils (for me, that’s only doTerra).
- Animals do have a higher sensitivity to essential oils than humans. Dilution of oils is recommended.
- Don’t give your pets oils internally.
- Have your pets smell an oil before applying it or diffusing it nears them. As a general rule, if they turn their nose away, do not apply it. If they seem curious about the smell, it’s not sending off alerts to their natural senses.
- Diffuse the recommended amount of oil/water ratio for the recommended periods of time, and keep the diffuser out of reach of pets. Make sure they can leave the room if the smell gets overwhelming, or turn off the diffuser at that point.
- Any plant known to be topic to a pet should be avoided in oil form as well (ie. eucalyptus and cats).
- Speaking of cats, exercise caution with tea tree, for it can be toxic but only if you use WAY too much of it. Limit citrus oils on cats as well. 🐈
- Avoid using high-phenol oils (ie. oregano, wintergreen, clove, basil, cinnamon, cassia and thyme) topically on pets.
- Pay attention to your pet’s behavior and body language when using a diffuser. Most pets don’t seem to mind. Consulting your vet if you’re unsure. ♨️
- With birds, essential oils are not recommended, although a high-quality diffuser with a water/oil combo should be OK. 🦜
As I mentioned, this is the tip of the iceberg. With permission, a team member of mine also has a post on the safety of essential oils for pets. I especially liked her acronym for introducing oils to pets - S-L-O-W-L-Y. Thanks Sue! https://www.facebook.com/sue.namedof/posts/pfbid0nazkQn1RBRa9dcyZfCPjaGqNWK5NHfcY5HrzEPHKU1WSvUQBW3bzshXd2QXT5fbDl
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