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Essential Mythbusters #3 - I'm allergic to essential oils




Well, maybe sort of, for some people. There's a lot of misunderstanding behind this one, though. Many of the negative reactions can be resolved by moderate usage, dilution (see below), using less drops of oil in a diffuser, or distancing oneself from the direct line of the steam. Here are a few bulleted points to educate further:
· Please make sure the essential oil you're using is pure. The essential oil industry is not regulated by the FDA, so false claims are made, and there are studies to prove it. doTerra backs their oils with science and works directly with product sources in the plant's indigenous environment. Smell one bottle of our oil, and you know it's what it says is in there, no more and no less. Often, the reactions people experience are from using a lesser quality product, from additives it contains.
· If you have a known allergy to a certain fruit or plant, its essential oil won't likely cause the same allergic reaction. One common example are those individuals who avoid eating grapefruit due to taking certain medications. Oils come from the peel, which doesn't contain the same molecules as the juice. It's always wise to work with your doctor when considering allergic reactions.
ᐧ Some oils are "photosensitive"or "phototoxic," meaning skin irritation or a burning/itching sensation can occur where the oils where applied topically. This can largely be avoided by applying the oil 12 hours prior to exposure to UV sun rays. Examples include: Citrus essential oils such as lemon, lime, orange, and bergamot. Also laurel leaf.
· For those with extra-sensitive skin, for toddlers and babies, and for those oils known as "hot oils" (ie. cinnamon bark, clove, lemongrass, oregano, black pepper, ginger, and thyme), dilution of oils with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil is recommended. The dilution to essential oil ratio varies. Work with both your doctor and wellness advocate for further direction. If there's a skin irritation, it's likely because the oil isn't diluted enough for that individual.
· Asthmatics should exercise caution when inhaling essential oils through a diffuser or topical application. Again, regulated amounts make a big difference here.
To read more on this topic: Essential Oil Safety Guide
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